November 6th, 2004



To northernsky_

They came today. *huggles so hard, swings around room* So. Damn. *Cool*. I am *so* completely unable to actually explain in words how *cool* they are, and thank you *so much*.

*hugs* If there is anything at all I can do for you, tell me, and I am so your girl. You and talitha78. My favorite dealers.

*hugs you both*

In General

I learned something today.

Do not mainline eleven of thirteen episodes of Gravitation. It hit me when my son started speaking to me in my native tongue and I got vaguely freaked out no subtitles appeared beneath his chest. That is when you have to stop.

I also started singing along with the theme song.

No, that's never a good thing.

But. WHEE. And Gravitation 9 in December and 10 in February and I haven't preordered from Amazon, but that will happen. It so will happen.

*bounces* Life is sweet.

Taping Full Metal Alchemist and Ghost in the Shell. Because I am just that--um. Brainwashed by some people who shan't be named.

boniblithe - I tried to download, but I got to 60.1 finally and it broke my connection, so--damn. I'm sorry. But thank you for the thought! *hugs* I'll try to get it another way. I so hate dial-up.

Also finished another seven page of Landscape.

*Happy Place* I'm giving myself a cookie icon.
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