September 27th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

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For the record, irishcaelan is my new best friend who I love more than anyone, who sent me information and found out things and I am seriousy considering marrying. Oh God, my stress level dropped by fifty percent, I swear.

*loves deeply* Seriously. Best friend for LIFE.


Okay, my weekend was incredibly long and not very interesting to anyone but me. Saturday I bought Child two sharks--aquarium sharks. They are creepy, and eat fish food, not other fish. But they *move* like sharks. I named them Alex and Hephaistion in a move of cliched brilliance, and there you go. I am a geek. The sucker-thing we got is Herbert. He's sweet and keeps the aquarium clean.

I own *sharks*. This is so cool I can barely stand it.


We had a birthday party for Niece over the weekend. My sister lives on teh third floor. Dn't ask about the state of my calves, you really don't want to know. Geek Boy Who Is Too Young To Date and I Angst Around was there, with girlfriend person in tow, which was a relief, since that saved me from temptation. However, in a weird and possibly bodysnatching turn of events, he spent an inordinate amount of time trying to talk to me. It's just disturbing. Mendacious conversation between two peopel who really aren't good with small talk is always a scary place.


I am going to find my cookie place now. It's a good place. It makes me happy. Or my peach-cobbler place of inner peace. Both work admirably. Less than four weeks until Slumberparty. Ah, the fun I shall have with my online nervous breakdowns! Endless entertainment for svmadelyn. She thinks it's cute.

*in the peach cobbler place*
children of dune - leto 1

times when you realize yo'uve been awake too long....

Big warning sign.

I think, hmm, Lex and Mulder would be very, very hot together.

Yeah. I'm going places that, let's all face it, sane minds don't want to go. But wait! I mean, just mull it for a second. Mulder has nice suits. Lex has nice suits. They could meet at Armani or something. They bond over their mutual obsession with aliens in a huge way. Mulder would be all over alien artifacts.

They would have strange, awkward sex at some point. I mean, it's Mulder.

I'm reaching really hard here.