August 31st, 2004

poor me

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Family stuff, so my second Tuesday home, and you'd think I wouldn't be as bored as I am. Yet strangely, I am.

I have this entire folder of SV vids--every time one was recced on my friendslist over the last year, I downloaded, thinking, you know, when I feel like watching the episodes again and the really unhealthy fascination with Red!Clark faded, I'll see what's up there.

And then I put it off all summer, thinking, you know, I shall wait so I don't get *spoiled*, which, laugh if you will, *you* try prying information out of svmadelyn "see it yourself". *grinds teeth* I'm setting my damn dvr, happy? It's a month until the new season, I can get the last three or four eps of last season, which will bring me up to a grand total of eight watched for the season. That's almost depressing.

But. I'm slowly and thoroughly losing my mind trying to download Luminosity's two vids, because my internet connection hates me more than I hate it and dial-up is evil. And f1renze and kitkatbye spoiled me badly with all that beautful DivX (damm you both, I'm obsessively watching that CD. My God, the *pretty*. And the screen size. Oh yes. I am *blissed*). So, to guard against encroaching insanity, I opened up sisabet's vid and shalott's Drop Dead Gorgeous and.

Well. Oh dear God, those are *good*.

Here are things I didn't know.

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Anyway, just from sheer curiosity, anyone have vid recs?

*edited to correct lj name and to add: Lex with a gun? Still #1 Kink of all time. I'm so glad the show indulges this.
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children of dune - leto 1

another pointless post

Dad came through shoulder surgery just fine. It was simple, outpatient, leave three hours after done surgery. This did not worry me at all. So. Life good. Per usual.

To entertain myself, however, created a section for ficlets on my webpage--basically, my diaryland porn and a couple of LJ ficlets, none of which actually qualify as stories on their own.

Also, a lot of blowjobs going on there.

Anyway, ficlets. Nothing new, nothing that hasn't been in LJ or diaryland, dating from roughly mid season one to vague season three-ish. As I run across others, I'll add them if I still like them.

Honestly? Am just unreasonably fond of The Farther Shore. I have no idea why, except Lex drunk is a *good thing*.

Yep. Pointlessness. And video downloading. Lots of that.

New icon courtesey of svmadelyn, who rocks with the prettyness. Oh yes.
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children of dune - leto 1

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During my spree of Doing Things over at the diaryland account, I ran across this rec, heralded by this quote.

Wow, from the amount of feedback that my badfic post got, it appears that my true talent lies in the literary equivalent of painting sad clowns on black velvet, and then mocking the people who buy my art.

If you haven't read this, you *should*.

Smallville, Part I and Part II by anathema666 It is the single most quotable story I have *ever* read. Seriously.

"Lex, you must listen to me. I love you. I have never loved anyone like I love you. Never before have I experienced love like the love I have loving you. I can never picture myself in the future loving my love for anyone else as much as I love loving you right now. All I need is love, the love I have for you in my heart and in other assorted places about my person....."

This is beyond snorting-soda-on-keyboard level humor, people. Thsi is snorting-*dinner*-on-keyboard.

*happy place*
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