August 27th, 2004


brother bear and other random acts of weirdness

It's got to be some kind of conditioning.

Watched Brother Bear with Child and Niece, cried my eyes out at the ending. Kota! Cuddling Dead!Mommy! All--cuddlynesss of saying goodbye. It's like tearnip. I'm just as bad at the beginning of Tarzan when Mom and Dad built their little treehouse and died. Man. Just hearing the music sets me off.

It's conditioned into us, dammit. I don't know how, but Disney and Co have done this, to where I watch a perfectly cute little cartoon and get all caught up in it and am very ashamed of myself, like I am now, though my nose is still running and my eyes hurt.

Stupid show.

I have also never met a overbudged blockbuster that I didn't either love or cry over bitterly.

Other Shows that Do This That I Watched Again Recently:

Armageddon: I've been saying this for two years, and still every time, Ben yelling how much he loves Bruce? Er, the characters. *shrugs* I cry and cry and cry right through Liv listening to her dad say goodbye, and I don't think I stop until the credits roll. Dammit.

(and on a sidenote: yes, I know the Bruce character is dead, but man, if ever there was a show that deserved slash, that one did. My God.)

Independence Day: Plane!Dude crashing into the ship. Oh yeah. I'm all about the papertowels.

Pearl Harbor: post-attack, the attempts to get the guys out of the interior of the ships as they go down. That one sad little arm sticking through the grating and slowly going slack. That just kills my nerves completely.

Romeo and Juliet: Okay, so sue me, but the modern remake had me on the floor through when Romeo, looking hot and well-armed, goes into the Church and sees her dead. Continued right through Juliet's actual death. Yes, laugh if you will, but that movie had so many redeeming qualities, not least of which was everyone had guns, gun holsters, and a propensity for opening their shirts. Oh yes. Pretty armed men all in a row. That was the happy.

I'm trying to remember the others that I whimpered my way through. I'm stumped. Possibly all that caffeine I've ingested.

But still. Brother Bear. That's just a fun movie. You know, up until my son asks me if I'm okay while Koda and his Mommy cuddle and the main character, and God knows, I cannot remember his name except it started with a K, decides to be a bear after all. Oh the sweetness.


This was an utterly pointless post brought to you by me, who, in a startling turn of events in The Life of Jenn and Family, has found out Sister and Brother in Law are reconciling and getting a new apartment together. This has, literally, been one of the few time in my life where I have to say, I apologize for every time I ever mocked Jerry Springer, because those freakishly bizarre shows? Can be true.

I never, ever, ever want to sit in a freakishly small room with the immediate family on both sides again and have everyone discuss their mental or relationship problems/former problems/psychotic episodes/bizarre life stories. The only word to describe it is surreal. These are supposed to be DEEP DARK FAMILY SECRETS YOU NEVER TELL DAMMIT. Okay? Is it so much to ask that everyone keep their secrets? Seriously? Write them up and leave them in a diary we only find after you die or something.

I know way too much about far too many related and semi-related people's sex lives. Way, way, way too much.

Is this damn week over yet? Please?
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