August 14th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1


Just a note. I don't think anything on earth rates as high in domestic terror as school supply shopping on a Saturday afternoon.

And what the *hell*? Bradded folders? Single-subject, wide-ruled, eighty page spirals? THERE AREN'T ANY. What kind of sadist makes up these school supply shopping lists anyway?

And a note to self: just tackle the next time someone gets to the twenty-four count crayon boxes before you do. Sheesh. Good manners do not apply during school supply shopping.

poor me

bitter bitter bitter

Okay, must every night have something weird happening? My LJ magically logs me out in the middle of opening a window and okay.


The sad part is, I thought this was in reference to sheep. But no, it wasn't.

Did I miss the part of the show where there *was* an actual kerfluffle (sp?), because all I'm seeing is post-kerfluffle reaction bitterness there. I miss things. Obviously, there is a massive QaF friendslocked clique that is having all the flamewars and not letting me play. Huge. Elitist whores. I'm blaming ragingpixie on principle for this massive exclusion. And burnitbackwards, because they're not writing smut *right now*.

I am going to go sulk now.
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