August 13th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

it's been a long day

There comes a point when one says, okay, I can deal with myself. I *can*. I can face the fact that two of my top three favorite shows are also my son's favorites too.

But seriously, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends? Loved it. Held off on going to cuddle puppies to make sure Blue came out okay with his kid. So a must-watch. So very much.

Kids Next Door -- still too much fun.

Also, did anyone besides me watch bits of Twelve Days of Terror? It was sharks, therefore, Child glued to screen. Like, several times. And record. Several times.

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It's been super-super busy at work, and busy is happy, or so my mood seems to suggest. Also, we have mysterious puppies. The puppies cometh and play in our yard. There's==five. I think. Also, a mysterious bridled black dog is meandering around, trying to make friends. It's the season for animal dumping, apparently.

And school shopping. *shudders* This is going to be a challenge.
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i am way too bored to still be breathing

Event One

I cannot think of a damn thing to do to my website that I haven't done. I actually can't remmeber past the last two times I redid it, but damned if I cannot think of *one* layout. Anyone have any ideas or want to make a suggestion? I'm so bored with the one I have it's pathetic, but I can't think of anything else that won't bore me more.

That's just so sad.

*hates on website mightily*

Event Two

svmadelyn and I felt pretentious. And also, banned rageprufrock. Tha was just for fun.

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If someone really loved me, they'd post fic. Something in smut, maybe.

*sighs dramatically*
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