July 29th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

romancing the savannah


The only other trainee to come over with me to my office used to work for American Airlines. She tells wonderful stories. It's the one and only place I can bond with people pretty easily. Tell me a story, I'm so yours for life. Seriously. I will make you sit down and *talk* to me for like, hours, which actually makes me highly endearing if you like to talk. Though don't stop. Or I'll start talking and it will all go to hell. *g*

Anyway, during her years there, she travelled a lot, got lots of free miles, the usual cool things about working for an airline, and she's been almost everywhere in the world Americans can legally go and some that--maybe they can't. She's like a living, breathing friendslist, y'all--*that* is how many stories she can tell, and it's amazing.

I'm wondering if I can get it right without her way of weaving words. Hmm. Let's find out.

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I really am a whore for romance. I mean, any kind these days.

I need to do something interesting so I can have a story. Dammit.
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