July 5th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

qafreview: s4e12

Child had dental appointment today. That was pretty traumatizing. For me. Not him. He watched the LCD TV on teh ceiling with headphones. I watched toothbits and blood.

Big fun.

Managed to work my way into a fannish breakdown talking to nonchop about season five of QaF. You know, the one that does not yet exist. That possibly, there aren't even scripts for yet. That knowing Cowlip, they haven't even begun to think about.

nonchop ordered me to get some chocolate before I started crying over Brian's possibly futurely-broken heart after much perfidity throughout the speculated season. I think I scared her.


I have decided not to hate Ben anymore, but merely hold him in contempt, with flashes of 'oooh. pretty'. Naked is good, Ben. You stay clothed, the HATEHATEHATE returns. You get naked? I'm happier with you.

Not much to say on 412. Except man, it's depressing to konw the season is almost over. *sighs*


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