July 4th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1


Hi, I'm jenn and I'm an idiot.

Just a very random question. I wrote most of The Yard on AIM with someone--or several someones, if you happened to stand still for more than five seconds in my line of buddy-sight. If you were one of the unfortunates that I talked to or had beta me during the process, do you happen to remember if I ever sent you the outline?

Yes, I have the memory of a sieve. I can find a few of the convos, but not the pertinent ones. I remember writing an outline. I know I saved it and I know I sent it to someone to follow what I was doing. I just can't find the damn original.

Anyway. Email me at jenn at thegateway dot net if you remember. Thanks in advance for your patience. It's my own fault. With my luck, I deleted the fucker when I was clearing out my Smallville fic WiP folder.
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