June 20th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

a random variety of things

The sheer cliche in that I find shopping soothing is one of those things that I just hate to admit.

It actually doens't matter what I'm buying--to save my checking account, I raided the grocery store for fruit. Blueberries, bananas, plums, and two kinds of peaches. It helps. Just the act of shopping levels out my moods. It's at its most dangerous at the beginning of the month, when I wander through electronics thinking, hmm, I need a bigger TV. Bills? I need to pay *bills*?

This is one of those times I'm very grateful for the autodeduct function on my account.

However, I did stumble in amusement over the latest and greatest of DVD players. You know, the ones with the filter things that filter out obscene language and sexual situations so anything can be kiddie fare? I started making out lists of movies I'd like to watch with it, just to see what would happen.

I just can't see how you could get anything comprehensible out of Pulp Fiction or Resevoir Dogs. I tried to imagine running QaF on it and giggled so hard the other customers started looking at me oddly. Yes, I know the purpose is to make movies kid-safe, but I'm just not entirely sure what movies that a kid could comprehend would *need* that kind of filtering.

I'm just easy to amuse sometimes.

Personal Tragedy

I stepped on a tack that went smoothly and really painfully through my heel. It was thick, which was first eww, and sharp as hell, second eww, and it was actually hard to get out, let us not even discuss the eww level there. There were little barbs near the point--very, very little barbs, btw, just enough to catch on skin and muscle, and my, that hurt. It also bled copiously, which made it much more interesting. I'll be honest and sick, that the bleeding is kind of soothing. It's distracting from the omgouchouchmotherfuckingtackletmedie thing I have going on with any injury.

I keep forgetting, though, so I keep letting my heel down. It's annoying. And you know, intensely painful, and whatever nerve I hit is like, attached to every nerve in my body. Ouch and ouch.

Whining done. On to interesting things.

Good Cheer

My DVD player came in from Amazon, and I squeed. Oh, how I squeed. Armed with the remote and the first five discs of QaF season one, I sat down to experiment with the buttons and see how to switch between discs. I do not yet have total control, but the learning curve is awesome. It has all kinds of interesting functions for MP3s, VCDs, DVD-RAM, CDs, JPEG's etc. I keep wanting to make a disc of all the vids I've downloaded just to see what I can do with it. It seems to imply something similar to playgroups. The squeeing never ends.


lierdumoa finished her fantastic leather!porn Leather, in which there is leather, Justin, Brian, and a mindblowing amount of sex. Dear God. The sex. *breathes* Just. You know. GO NOW.

quinn222 wrote a sweet little snippet, Not to Notice, a vaguely post-4.9, and follows up with a sequel, To Notice, oddly sweet, in which everyone quietly deals. It's so lovely, and unsentimental, and incredibly true to the characters. I wish the show could deal this subtly with Brian and the others.

A Presence by soundczech, a relationship framed in pictures. Very lovely.

And there's one really good one that if it would *please* get out of lock? Would totally like to drool over.

*taps fingers* Annnytime.

There are all kinds of things I should be doing, and I'm ignoring all of them and cackling while pressing buttons. *happy*