June 17th, 2004

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Interviews are going well. Clients are good. Basically, I'm in love with my job. I'd do a really long, gushy post on it, but when we're on a sliding scale that ends with seven cases a day and I have every intention of complaining about it at length when it happens.

Fictional Pursuits

I have been horrifying myself with a desperate need to read long, schmoopy, frighteningly maudlin romance fic. I'm not kidding. Domestic-y stuff. It's kind of scary, but I get all giggly and sigh-y when I'm reading, complete with twirling my fingers in my hair, and it's like wanting too much cotton candy. You know sugar shock will set in eventually, not to mention rotten teeth, but damned if you can pull yourself away.

I can't be the only one with this weakness. It's just--all romantic and sweet and so OOC but you *don't care* because my God, the romance!

And not just long and schmoopy and romantic--I mean, the entire freaking nine yards, complete with houses and pets and kids and long, romantic vacations and weddings, God help us all, and rings and my God, I have lots all claim to being a decent fic snob.

And I want *more*.

This relates to this kick of snippeting maudlin bits of Brian-and-Justin schmoopage set post 4.9 with the chicken soup and cuddling and I'm so ashamed of myself, but not enough to actually stop. I think burnitbackwards gave up on me in disgust. Yet it still just goes on, getting sappier by the second. It's weirdly comforting. I keep wanting to get back to that Brian/Justin/Michael triangle thing I was sort-of working on, but Brian's trauma is addictive, and really, he's not so much traumatized there as having a lot of semi-meaningful sex.

But if karaoke of some kind enters the picture....
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