June 5th, 2004


lots of small things

This really is all nonchop's fault.

nonchop was all "woe as me, oh horror" and then she was like, read *this*, and then I tried to scoop my eyes out with spoons because of that thing with the oreos that we will never, ever speak of again. I mean, seriously, ever. Just the eww.

So she's like, write for me! And then she's like, making it porn! And she's like, I want a castle in Spain! And the porn, frankly, seemed a lot easier, don't you think?

Here's what I've discovered. Threesomes with three males are nightmares. You decide to randomly not let one poor guy have a name? It's a whole world of wondering what hand is where and why and pronoun confusion. Everyone who has pulled this off well, I'm just in awe, because I read mine and start getting a headache. I need, like, action figures or something to keep up.

I suffer in ways that people just can't comprehend sometimes for my art. Porn. What have you.

Buffy Things

Just a random rhetorical question. I'm not coming out of watching this season without scars, am I?

I forgot a lot of things. How incredibly hot Giles is. Just. Incredibly hot. I realized I forgot how much I loved Buffy and want to feed her like, hugely fattening cookies and tuck her into bed with most of the cast. At this point, I want to feed her brownies by the box and tuck her in with Spike and Giles, which I know in theory is very, very wrong. Very very wrong. A whole world of delicious wrongness. *happy sigh*

And for random question of recs, did anyone besides rivkat and MustangSally write good Spike/Buffy? Yes, I'm aware there's a universe of it out there. Just, if you happen to have fallen across some and have to share, feel free. I'm feeling all vaguely het-ish today. Possibly the penis overload from the snippeting for nonchop.

DVD Players Hell

I don't *need* a five hundred disc DVD changer. I can't *afford* a five hundred disk DVD changer. I don't even own five hundred DVDs. I'm not sure I own a hundred DVDs. Yet I stare at it in a kind of wonder, imagining putting eveything I own in there and being able to flip around randomly, perhaps programming it to just hit QaF scenes that I like. You know, the porny ones. Which I'm not even sure it could do, but imagine three seasons of QaF's B/J sex scenes all at once.

It could acutally lead to hemmoraging.

I'm looking at a five (seven?) disc Pioneer from Best Buy and trying this thing called research to see what it does. Ideally, it would telepathically interpret my mood, pick something for me to watch, and then deliver chocolate chip fudge brownies, extra chewy, but that may be beyond current technology. *sighs*


Achilles Heel by beatperfume. Um. Lessee.

Ben might know something; he seemed the type. But Brian wasn’t about to ask him. Besides, when Ben had squeezed his shoulder at the wake and told him that the ones we love never truly leave us, he was pretty sure he hadn’t meant it literally.

It's *different*. Feel your way through. Amazingly good, but when isn't this author?

Okay, going to stare blankly at snippets and wonder if it can grow up into a whole fic on its own.
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