May 31st, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

happy sunny brightness


Spent money I couldn't afford to, and don't care.

1.) White flesh peaches
2.) Season six Buffy DVDs (WHEE WHEE WHEE!)
3.) Return of the King (I broke down)
4.) Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker
5.) Super Smash Bros

Things I Didn't Buy, But Because They Weren't There
1.) Small CD player for my office. (whee! office!)
2.) Small lamp for my office, so I don't have to use pesky overhead lights.

Things I Am Still Putting Off Buying
1.) Digital camera - I just know the second I buy, I'll find one I want more somewhere.
2.) Printer - I have no idea what kind to buy. Or what to use it for. I just don't print a lot.
3.) Cell phone - I'm being contrary.


I'm still watching obsessively for tickets to New York. So far, the lowest I've found is 278, which okay, *cool*, but I start getting hiveish when I have no idea what time I'd be flying out or anything of the sort until after I buy. And buying this early is both good and bad. Good in that, hell or high water, this thing is happening if I have to track down people to show up, but bad because--wait, there is bad? I haven't traveled in forever. I'm actually bouncing about this.

The time thing scares me, though. Badly. But not enough to pay an extra hundred fifty for a ticket either. Yet, anyway. I can buy DVDs with that, that's what I keep thinking.

It's, I'm sure, a bad sign that at the beginning of every month, I spend wildly and then eat rice at work for lunch for days near the end of the month. It makes my balance sad, though admittedly, my jeans fit well. On the other hand, I've automated pretty much all my bill paying--I no longer actually see the money that goes out--and automated my savings, so I never actually feel like that money is really mine, either. Mature people probably have better ways to deal with this. I'm not one of those people. I used to never have a check card, because then whenever I wanted something, I had to make the effort to find my ID, go physically to the bank, and get the money out myself. This had a downside. My bank was Very Near Half-Price Books. You can tell where the majority of my income used to go.

And the majority of the floor space in my life.

*sighs at the boxes*

*shakes self*

QaF Reviews

Because everyone is smart and everything.

Chatting here by reboot.

wrenlet is all wise and stuff here.

quinn gives us another view here.

More people are not posting their wise thoughts. That makes everyone very, very sad. Very sad.


Consequence by ragingpixie. Mmm. *Pretty*. If the show will not give us porn, we must be vigilant and produce it ourselves.

And btw? If anyone gives me Brian-in-leather porn, I will write them whatever they want. Whatever. They. Want.

Poison Jam! A QaFUS RPS, Part II</b> by mintwitch is up! Oh thank GOD. I was searching through her old entries in terrible desperation trying to find the second part until I discovered she hadn't written it yet. *breathes* Happier now. First part can be found here.

And callsigns is a very special, wonderful human being. No, not in the short-bus way, either. Chris Kirkpatrick and Brian Kinney Have Some Sex. And they do. They really, really do. Okay, I've looked up adn down and back up that page, and I don't see a lcok on the entry, and I don't think I'm friended, so it should be good to go. I've got to adapt myself to the new LJ styles someday. *sighs*

Did I mention Brian in leather porn yet?
moody cow

quiet whimpering

Just cried myself through the Bargaining I and Bargaining II. I forgot, *completely*, how it killed me to watch her die.

Also, let me send a special, special hate toward UPN, who cut me off, and so I never got to see season six or seven, or Voyager seven, or...*grrr*

I forgot how much I *loved* this show before UPN, who cannot be cursed enough, *left my area*.


Okay, going to watch more.
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blissing still

I watched the musical ep way too many times. That is just too much fun for words to really describe. I saw it and Tabula Rasa at some point that year, though not anything before. Oh the bliss. Oh the fun. Oh, the way I kicked over all my interest in B/A for B/S just watching.

Though really, rivkat can be blamed for the fact I was all primed for it from her fic. Darn her in happy ways.

My bitterness toward UPN increases by the second. I *missed* this. I have more eps to watch! MORE! It's like Christmas, but with, well, no bells or greenery.


People are being all *productive* today. Happy.

Babyverse 12 by girlinthetrilby See? This day rocks. Also, so does Sparky. Go see why.

Their Way Pursue by bigboobedcanuck, third in the spoilery trilogy starting with Their End May Know. Again, spoilers for eps 7-9, but wonderfully good, so if you can't read now, bookmark for happy reading later.

This is so my day. Except for that thing. That I'm so very zen about. Seriously so.
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