May 25th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

just a little here and there and everywhere

The real problem is, and I've said this before, I have problems connecting with people in ordinary conversation. I can talk about work. I can talk about Child. And I can talk about Fannish Things. You may have noticed this before. Those are kinda the extent of my conversational skills, and yeah, totally aware of how boring this makes me as a human being, but that's fine, because I learned young the Art of Invisibility--ie, a book. Yes, I know people can see *me*, but I can pretend I don't see them, and therefore, spare them the horror of watching me flail about for common ground.

This hit a bit of a skid day, which I'd like to call When Fandom Collides With Work, but acutally, ti's sort of a A Near Miss Collision Between Fandom and Work, And Thank God I Shut My Mouth in Time.

This, however, I totally blame on the fact that this person got me *way* too relaxed.

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bigboobedcanuck kind of makes it worth the fact that I am completely spoiled through episode 4.9 by writing some beautiful fic. Sequel to Their End May Know, a Justin bit is Heard No More. She is pretty much singlehandedly reconciling me to the existence of the first-person pov again. Seriously. I can look at it and not flashback to those horrible, horrible first days of reading in the fandom, when I used to cry every time I saw one. Well, not cry, so much as sputter silently and hopelessly. My badfic scars run very deep.

It's beautiful, short, sweet, and not saccharine at all. She needs love and tending and petting. Lots of it.

And now for something different. Smallvile trilogy, CLex.

Predictably, Different and Red by Jojo, at the Level Three Records Room.

Triple pov, Lex, Clark, Lois, and I can't put my finger on why I liked it so much, except the rhythm was addictive, almost sharp. Futurefic, and--hmm. I would have sincerely loved more backstory, but this is intensively here-and-now, and I liked that too. Very, very interesting reading.

And Dilbert is addictive.


Stole this from someone on my friendlist--if it was you, tell me? 'Caue you had like, ten cool links and I only saw three or four before falling asleep last night.

A Four Letter Word

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