May 20th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

all these things you didn't need to know

After a most heinous computer crash last night around midnight, I gave up and initiated a shut-down, then decided to go to bed because the system was behaving very slowly. Yes, that worked, because my life always works out that well, right?

Around three, I woke up, the computer was on, and, irrational as only three freaking am can be, was convinced The Ring was being played out in my bedroom.

Even as I *thought* that, I knew how stupid it was. I *knew*. Because I'm not actually crazy, I just play the part with disturbing regularity and varying degrees of skill. I knew, logically, that I was actually probably too drowsy and just-wakened to make any kind of logical deducation on why my monitor was on like that. However, this logic did not go anywhere near my adrenal gland, which woke me right up.

So, let's all hear it for being awake three hours before you have to get up. I am currently pretending to do some of my online training and wondering if I can just *inject* soda straight into my veins to get this stuff going.

One of the handouts on my desk today was cheerfully entitled Burial Insurance: What You Can Exempt and What You Can Count. Because if I'm trying to determine eligibility, yes, I'm going to feel *totally* okay with asking some nice old lady, "So, what are your plans to die again? Show me an itemized list. Are you thinking coffin or urn? You can't exempt both, you know!"

What's really scary is, I got to class and started feeling the need to be funny in that disturbing sleep-deprived, punch-drunk way that never ends well. Oh God. I'm going to offend everyone in the class and probably get strangled during lunch. I'm going to make jokes about urns, niches, and covered funeral expenses and whether they're exempt or countable resources for deciding eligibility, and you know, if fandon has really destroyed my ability to read a book and *not* expect a climactic sex scene, I think this job has made it impossible for me to crack jokes that anyone but someone else who works here could possibly understand. That's all of maybe two hundred or so people in the state.

*buries head in hands*

I'm so doomed.

Me and the coffee I can smell are going to go throw a pity-party of two. *hugs cup close* Coffeee......
children of dune - leto 1

and the panfandom review is posted

This is my crack. I'm specially pleased to see the BEN HATE!!!! AH HAHAHAHA!

Really, this is just a phase. Or a short-term period of insanity. Either/or.

Anyway, go read bigboobedcanuck's take on QaF, Season Four, Episode Five, and did anyone see eliade name this one?

Updates from Insomnia Land

Randomly fell asleep whenever, literally, I looked down too long all through class today. I'm beginning to understand what people mean when they talk about lost time. I was losing only seconds or a minute at a time, but there's nothing quite as creepy as waking up when you had no idea you were asleep. Also, the next time I say I want to watch a scary movie, please remind me that it's been almost a *year* since The Ring and just thinking about it pretty much scares me to death still.

Stop laughing now. Really.

Also, we're done with the burial thing and up to the *bizarre* way to calculate budgets and income. Huh.
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children of dune - leto 1

recs! everywhere!

It's all QaF, All the Time. Well, right now, anyway.

Going just-read to just-remembered-having=read.

Untitled Future Fic by windtossed, with very light season four, ep five spoilers. It's lovely, low-key, realistic domestic, and sweet, and I likes and feel all warm inside because of it. *nudge* Go on. Read.

And this is because I read everything eleveninches wrote in this fandom, but can't remember if I recced these. So.

Growing Pains. In which there is Michael. And Gus. And yes, like *that*. And it's funny and painful and I kind of feel bad for Michael, but man, it's *good* to read. Some great, great Brian moments, some fun Justin moments, and lots of excellent Michael.

The Pink Posse and I, and this is *hysterical*, as only she can manage to do in this fandom. And--yeah. Kind of sort of spoilery for 4.5, but not in any meaningful way that will make any sense whatsoever, so really, no worries. AU of season four. So. Much. Fun.

Cupcake. Possibly the most disturbing fic *ever*. There's--David. And Ethan. And the horror of an alliance that nature could never sanction. And Justin has a cute almost-nervous-breakdown. Fuuuuuun.

Yep, happiness.

Anmd finally, ragingpixie wrote this fabulous Daphne and Justin bit for juteux's birthday. And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Really belated, juteux, sorry! Great fic gift. What They Do, which is so very Daphne, and I so love this story, it flows perfectly.

*satisfied* Mmmm. Goodfic.
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