May 15th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

remix is up!!!

Whee! The Remix Redux: Electric Bungaloo is up!

It's probably bad taste to rec the remix of your own story, but honestly to God, I don't *care*. It's--beyond good. It's incredible. She took everything I tried to do and actually *did* it, pulled all the pieces together into the most seamless, wonderful story I've read.

And God help her, she remixed an entire damn *series*.

For Now (The Fuck Waiting Remix), X-Men, Logan/Rogue, R, remix of the five part For Now series.

I'm useless for everything tonight except re-reading this a few hundred times.

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children of dune - leto 1

it's something i gotta do

Still in the afterglow of good fic. *smiles, sated*

Since Ethan is no longer around to hate, I need a new character to loathe. At first, I thought it would be Hunter, but he's disturbingly and creepily adorable this season. Michael's too easy--everyone does Michael. And I'm sure Justin will get aroudn to arousing my ire at some point, but he's just too adorable to hate for long. Emmett wears eyeliner and so I love him. Ted's--Ted. And Blake is boring.

So, it's gotta be Ben.

I hate Ben.

There. I hate Ben. He's--making people eat soy products. And stuff. And--things--

No, wait. Irrational hate needs no basis.

*happier* I hate Ben! I shall go look for appropriate icons to reflect this newfound hatred and loathing. Whee!