May 7th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

tempermental week of endless boredom

I want something to *entertain* me, dammit.

So I ordered books.

I've been waiting for King Kelson to get married since I was around fifteen years old, so I was *really* excited to pick up King Kelson's Bride

Amindst other fantasy/sci-fi that are the result of an addiction and too much time on my hands at lunch.

I'm full of bitterness and also, coffee.

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I need chocolate and for josselin to write me fic. Or bea_nonymous. Or you know, anyone who has access to a keyboard and won't traumatize me unduly.


The World Before Columbus: Five Things That Never Happened to Gus Marcus-Peterson. Especially fond of two and four. Funness.

Now bored again. *sighs*

I suppose it was a mistake to go to, pick a story randomly, and read, wasn't it?

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children of dune - leto 1


I need something to *do*.

Is there an lj-version of hide-and-seek?


Also, josselin is a tease. Just so everyone knows that right off the bat. Tease.

Anyone around wanna play on AIM? JenntheMerry. I may talk about Brian in jeans for an inordinate period of time, but really, when is that subject *not* riveting?