May 3rd, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

a variety of things

Beginning wiht a "Hey!" to the new people on the friendslist. If you wanted to, and it's by no means a requirement, drop in, say hello, tell me your fandom? Fun stuff, even. I'm just curious like that.


I had a weird day.

Mortgages and Grown-Up Things

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Queer as Folk Recaps

Or, the smart people, talking. Thank God. Linking only the unlocked entries. No-spoilery quotes.

reboot_wlm here.

The word of the episode seems to be ‘puke.’ I think Cowlip thinks they have to interject some mention of bodily functions or show us somebody peeing in every episode or they haven’t earned their money.

sisabet here.

Man, I almost got a concussion from all the frickin' anvils. This show makes Marti Noxon look subtle.

eliade here.

Figured "Pride and Prejudice" summed up the Justin arc, if nothing else.

riddering here.

Who knew a man capturing drains and mildew on film could turn me on?

mlheathen here and here. The second one *might* have very light spoilers for later in the show.

mean subtlety and Cowlip haven't met before so I am hesitant to believe that this could be the case.

valerie_z here.

First, there are some shades of pink that people can wear and look good in. That is not one of those shades of pink. Just, ew.

*bounce* I need more to read.

Also, almost done. *Crosses fingers* So close.
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