April 21st, 2004


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To misskatherine - mea culpa. You win. That is the most depressing song ever. Ask me for Acid, though. This could be the single most depressing playlist in history.


Today at the end of class, we all sat around telling driving stories, as our instructor has been in defensive driving. Mostly who ran into what when and how big it was.

That sounds so much more porny than it really was. *sighs* I've been a porn writer too long.

Top Five, in no particular order:

1.) Birds
2.) Dogs
3.) Deer (responsible for nine deaths a year, no less)
4.) Cats
5.) Vultures

Yeah, vultures. Exactly twenty percent of my class has, in fact, had a head-on collision with a vulture. I don't know the Vegas odds on that. I don't *want* to know the odds on that. Because that just sounds--yeah.

A vulture.

I aspire to have a boring driving record, so I could not contribute to the proceedings, much to my dismay. How sad. But my, did I get a kick out of this.

I'll tell you a story.

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annaface wrote a lovely fic The Tugging Sound, post season three B/J, Brian POV. Slumber party. Just go with it. You'll be glad you did.


emrinalexander has two new installments to Josiah, here and here. On the cuteness. I love this story.

See, this is a good day.

I'm curious. Can anyone beat a *bear* for obscure animals to roadkill?
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