April 14th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

multiple subjects, little time


Ah, yes.


lanning, may she write forever and ever amen, released the next of the Identical series, the longest running and best series in Smallville ever. So good it *hurts*.

Alliance, SV, Clark/Lex

And it's a *novel*.

Don't even ask how blissed I was to read it. There really aren't words.


The Regional Director I Have a Crush On came to talk to our class. I tried moronic humor and cuteness, and there were embarrassing attempts to be witty. God help me when I think I'm witty.

God help *everyone* when I think I'm witty.
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During break on Monday, I had this huge ephiphany regarding a story I didn't like--not, mind you, that it wasn't good, 'cause it was--but you know, when you read a good, solid story that's well-written and you still have that knee-jerk *hate* reaction? I've done that visceral-reaction thing before, and this is one of those times. Then I forgot it when the evils of policy took over and there was staring at my instructor blankly involved, because, man, you would not *believe* how freaking convoluted policy can be when too many legislative sessions get it into their heads to try and reform welfare....

I could get boring on this subject *oh* so very fast. *g*
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