April 2nd, 2004


memes and places to go

From elke_tanzer

Friends overlap.

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Author of the Month is up at QaF Revival Board. I'm all tickled that it's me. So. You know. Heh.


DCU Cliche Challenge by thete1. The Funnest. Challenge. Ever. Because really, we've all been tempted into the Magical Aphrodisiac and the Aliens Made Us Do It (Multiple Times) and Cross-Dressing Pretty and....

God, I think I just started drooling.


Anonymous Crushes. I haven't laughed this hard in *so long*. My stomach muscles hurt.

So. Yeah.

For those vaguely intersted, I organized my memories thing again to be clearer, but it's a work in progress, much like pretty much anything I do right now.

God, I need to *finish* something.
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