March 31st, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

why i don't trust the world

So, yesterday, in a fit of some of the oddest and most uncharacteristic optimism ever, I applied for a car loan over the phone. A few hours later, I checked my credit union webpage to check my account balance and for kicks, looked under the loan tab.

They gave me *conditional approval*.

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Yeaaah. Shoe. Waiting for the shoe. Or three.

Child's utterly healthy and still throwing up after various, random meals. It's not the lactose, or at least, not just, so visit to doctor on Friday, probably chased with a gastro person. I'd be more tense, but his last two visits with the doctor, he was *fine* otherwise--normal weight gain, normal growth, etc. So basically, I have a child mysteriously sick at random intervals. He takes it well. I suppose the GameCube is consolation, except he hates missing school. Child is Very Odd sometimes.

Anyway, ordered a DVR upgrade, so I can start recording from the satellite, with a lot less hassle than expected, and this makes me nervous. I don't like too many things going right. Delivered and installed on Friday. That's just unreal.

*bites nails*

Also, parallactic has the coolest idea ever - B/J Noir. The guilty edition. It's so pretty and angsty. I think it's almost our duty as QaF fans to like, convince her to write it. Read the comments between josselin and parallactic too. Muchly interesting food for thought.

See? *Good* things happening. It scares me.

And I've *got* to stop biting my nails.
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