March 18th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

randomly boring update

Got Child Game Cube, as I feel every child should be destroying brain cells at video games, and also, because I miss playing them a *lot*. Neither of us are very good, but on the other hand, we have got that jump/punch thing down *really* well. Warioworld was first, Zelda is in the future. The near future, even. Prying Child free of game--not so easy. Those little fingers are *strong*. And so are those little teeth.

For those following the live music thing, South by Southwest is this weekend in Austin. I've had friends intern and work in it before, had friends *play* in it, and have gotten a little drunk within a mile of it, but somehow, have never managed to actually *attend*. This will be remedied this weekend, because it's getting kind of embarrassing to have a live music festival within a hour of your house every year and never, ever go.

Monday will be my last day at work. We had a full office meeting, in which the Regional Director (the one I have a thing for), his boss, and the head of the team that's in charge of the new program, all came over to encourage us in our task of not having nervous breakdowns. He talked well and did gestures and teamwork was brought up a lot. I admired his taste in pink shirts and nice suits and then started when he called out my name as one of the people leaving to go to training for the new job, which you know, embarrassing as hell (does anyone know how you are supposed to react to a room of people applauding? Hiding under coat--not possible. Tried very hard). My first thought, after embarrassment?

He *looked at me*. He knows my *name*.

A fellow clerk in training this week came by to say goodbye, since she wasn't sure I'd be there on Monday, and we spent an hour fifteen eating chocolate chip cookie bars and bitching about everyone at the office, including the joys of new local office procedure. I'm as much a fan of neatness, organization, and orderliness as the next gal, don't get me wrong, but I challenge anyone working the front desk to keep their desk neat *when you are actually working with clients*. I can pull it off mostly, but you know? I've been doing this job for a *year*. There really isn't a lot I *don't* know.

I also feel that it would probably be a good idea, when deciding to change local office procedure, *not* to do it when we have a few billion clients in the lobby.

Anyway, Friday will be second to last day of work, Pete, an observor and helper and TIERS program support guy, asked to take me to lunch, since tomorrow is his last day for three weeks and mine until I come back as an Advisor. We have a thing with importing people from other offices--perhaps one might say, distant offices, since we have people flying in from *El Paso* and *Lubbock*--as this is cheaper, to fly them, house them, and feed them in a foreign city, than hiring more people. Always makes me wonder, just a little, who in the Texas Legislature does all the math, because I want to send them to my high school math teacher and have her explain, using *really short words* how to do basic arithmetic.

My class for training should be fun. The PM came to talk to me about it, really enthused, since everyone in my training class is known to her and she's all excited we are coming back to Rutherford when we're done.

So life isn't boring. Mostly.