March 9th, 2004

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First off, hey to new friends! Considering the sheer level of boringness I've been able to achieve for the last few weeks, which has been *epic*, I'm guessing this was done on a dare.

But yes. Heys! And you know, feel free to drop a comment and say hi and all that.


Child was sick, so left work early and spent the afternoon napping with him and writing a surprising amount. I'm still not entirely--or in fact, at all--sure that I'm doing this right, but it's fun, which writing hasn't been in a damn long time. It's stupid, and egotistical as shit, but I've started feeling guilty every time I open my LJ and realize I haven't posted a story.

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Hmm. I really should go to bed.
children of dune - leto 1

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Before anyone actually *says* diva, I'll say it for you. It's unsettling to be this insecure when I'm not even posting stories, because, really, it's just unnatural to feel like I should spellcheck my LJ posts and correct my grammar first, because this is as good as anyone is getting from me right now. Mostly.

Anyway, Child got sick at school again today, so another nap, morning this time, which is bliss, btw, and I knocked off another six or so pages and made the mistake of noticing what I was doing.

I'm thinking about something julad and I talked about a while back, on writing linear and non-linear--or rather, do you do it in order as you go or do you skip around, write the ending, the middle, part of the first part, etc. Because for the first time since X-Men, I'm completely non-linear and I'm not sure why.

I have a theory on why I prefer linear--writing, that is, not how the story is structured. Usually, there's only about four sections of a story I actually want to write. Think on that one and mull the length of Somewhere I Have Never Travelled or Jus Ad Bellum. Both only had about ten or eleven sections between them that I *wanted* to write--usually the turning point bits, or the sex bits, or the turning point in sex bits, or the dramatic bits that also become sex, because, I'll say it happily, I'm porn girl when it comes to my characters--and okay, anytime I get to do a dramatic on-screen death. Not that I don't get enamored of other bits over time while writing or editing them, it's just they are mostly ways to *get* to the Good Stuff that made me want to write the story in the first place. You get the idea there.

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Now, someone who cares about grammar. And by *cares* I mean, someone who is happiest when mocking other people's grammar problems. You know who you are.

I'm doing a past/present mix, single point of view. For a bit of the story, it'll be present/past/present/past/present/past before I move into strictly present, I think, but strictly within the single pov of the character. I started off using the 'had' conjugation (and I've been out of high school too long that I don't remember what that is called) for the pasts, since it was vaguely reflective from the present time as presented in the story, but this is *not* working, or at least, it's difficult as hell to keep up for multiple pages and it sounds clunky and I keep falling into past tense without thinking about it. Would mixing that and simple past work to get through the dialogue and the action or is that just the most ridiculous thing ever?

And does that paragraph even make sense, or do you need examples and context?

Email or here, feel free to answer. I'm kind of getting desperate. I'm correcting myself every other line, which is just weird.
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