March 4th, 2004

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So. I interviewed for this job on Wednesday. The one I *didn't* get last time, the one I angsted about and is responsible for the fact that I spent a *lot* of money on home entertainment equiptment in January. It went okay, I think, and I walked in and saw the interviewer and the PM of another group sitting there, and thought, crap, I'm doomed. Because--the Big Boss of another office? Yeah, this would help me relax.

I walked in armed with a kind of not-giving-a-shit--my PM asked me to be rep for our office to a meeting about issues with the new computer system we're using. I had two new clerks to train. People at the office had an odd idea that I knew what I was doing. And I bought a new dress and shoes to commemorate my bonus, and I felt like, really, my entire self-worth was not riding on this moment. My shoes rocked. They really did.

Then I went to Thundercloud Sub and bought brownies and cookies and a sandwich, to complete my ritual. Ate the brownie. Ignored the egg salad.

At five, while doing set-up for the next day, my supervisor paged me to her office, where she handed me the phone. I had the job.

Yes, so you can say, I had a good day yesterday.

Student loan consolidation is still giving me crap, but right now? I am going to training mid-month and I am *happy* with the world. I am *blissful* with the world. I *like* the world a lot. I want to buy it smiley faces and brownies and write it long romance novels full of angst and true love. Because the world is just that cool.

I also need a beta, if I can ever get out of this weird--and let me say this again, *weird*--block I have with this idiotic story. God, I hate trying to write for an unfamiliar fandom. It just makes me itch. Itch, itch, itch. *sighs* Plus, you know, unfamiliar canon. Or any canon, for that matter. Gah.

Stupid non-sense-making story.

But! Job! More money! Whee!
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