February 6th, 2004

children of dune - leto 1

svwip: something like forgetting (WAS wip day fic #2 and camp woes)

Who knew the most stressing part of my day would be choosing a camp for Child?

Dear God. There are so *many*. And I--and by that, I mean, Child--want to attend them all. I wish for adult camps now. I'd like a day of swimming, horseback riding, crafts, and antics galore.

Dammit. Someone should invent this. Though the fees are somewhat unreal in some cases. I'm curious if they feed the children off of platinum plates with lobster dinners or something. Or maybe it's the fact this is one of those ten billion things I know absolutely nothing about. The coolest camps so far are the ones sponsored by the Children's Museum, but damned if I can figure out a way to get him downtown still make it to work. God knows, mandatory overtime alone is going to cause some problems.

*sighs* Stupid interesting camps.

Child is collecting various icky wildlife and scaring me badly. There are *so many ways* that I can detail why a snail in the house creeps me out, especially one that unexpectedly sticks to surfaces my face is close to, and I didn't see until I was almost eye to eye with the little bastard.

Child has been mimicking my scream for about an hour now. And snails defecate while clinging to the top of their clear plastic habitats. I may never be able to eat again.

The Living Rock Hermit crabs don't scare me. Possibly because I spend a lot of time not wondering where the escaped one got to.

I'm absolutely charmed by WiP Amnesty Day, to the point of active joy. All the pretty snippets! Nothing pleases me more than watching Pru panic over AIM. And I love her very, very much. So this was twice as much fun.

One more guilt free bit of WiPness. I have no idea if anyone even remembers this one, it's so old. But here we go.

The first two parts are here and here. For the curious, this story is the shining, single reason I no longer allow myself to write linear. It always, always goes bad.

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