February 4th, 2004

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See, this is why I don't watch American Idol until they're down to the last twelve or so and I break down. Emotional investment just hurts.

I LIKED Scootergirl, dammit. She was all energetic and enthusiastic, and not in an annoying way. I'm *so* going to sulk about this for the next week. For the rest, I'm kind of blah'ed out on them. Sing, sing, sing, sing, dance, whatever. Scootergirl was interesting. Darn it all.

Yes, I'm emotionally invested in American Idol. *marvels* I swore off reality TV, except this doesn't count. It really doesn't. Somehow.

Though the Obnoxious Fiancee show has that car wreck fascination that makes me flip in just to see how long I can stand to watch. It's kind of like sucking on a lemon. You know, you try to see how long you can do it until you just fall apart and take that thing *out* of your mouth? I have yet to make it to a commercial break. I'm embarrassed for everyone. I'm embarrassed for myself for watching.

I keep wanting to write down a list of impossibly freaksome reality tv show ideas. I'm still kind of reeling from Fear Factor, where I discovered I have a stopping point, and that is boiled buffalo balls. I was ewwed but still breathing until that show--last season? Season before?

Stared long and hard at Cerulean Sins for a long time at Amazon to see if I liked this series enough to get it in hardcover. Just--no. I mean, I'm all for the rumors of immense amounts of sex and minimal plot, but I'm worried about Micah. He bothers me. He's too--something. I'm not sure of the word, but he feels like future cannon fodder. Or that's just my hope speaking. Plus, and I notice this, people spend an awful lot of time *talking* about sex without actually getting around *to* the sex in Narcissus in Chains. We hear so much about all that uncontrollable lust that sadly, never gets really uncontrollable. I'm waiting for people to rip their clothes and get down to basics already, but they sit around and pant and discuss the moral ramifications of fucking at random in spurts of powerful lust. *sighs*

Tease. Tease, tease, tease, I say.

My hair is mellowing down to a redder shade of pink-red, which means I can actually look at myself in the mirror and like the color. Of course, now that I like it, it's almost guaranteed that it will be gone by morning. Stupid hair.

Also, have *really* good coffee. It's all blissful.
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