January 3rd, 2004


style and substance

Nervousness doesn't agree with me. I can't write myself out of that. Also, Ethan is wearing on me. I don't want to be sympathetic and I still hate him, but if I'm going to write him, that's just not acceptable. It's too easy to see when someone hates a particular character in a fic and only really, *really* talented writers can pull that off without making me feel like I'm reading a PSA about How Character X Is Bad. Not that I don't enjoy those immensely. I just read them for entirely different reasons.

Anyway. Reminded of Voyager, I went to look at The Very First Slash Story I ever wrote, just to see if it was anything like I vaguely remember. Also, because I love to pick my stuff apart. It's like, this weird hobby, and I get such a kick out of finding tense mistakes and pov problems. I can also see why I changed so sharpy to single person out of multiple pov, though I can now vaguely remember a time that first person pov didn't scare me to death.

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