January 2nd, 2004

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I really don't think I should be left unamused. I mean, there's a reason I try really hard to not get bored--to keep bad things from happening. Becuase today, for some reason, I was bored and started throwing Hershey's kisses at the other clerks. No good reason--well, I did want them to have chocolate. But I also wanted to see them jump up and scream at projectiles falling from above and landing on their keyboards.

That was really fun. I don't pull off innocent well, though.

Yes, all of you, breathe a sign of relief that you don't work with me.

Anyway, I'm amused to realize I'm understanding about thirty-five to forty percent of what clients say in Spanish these days. Before anyone gets delusions regarding the width and breadth of my intelligence, it's not all that hard. Everyone asks for only a few specific things. I need to know about ten verbs to get through the day. Traer, trabajar, poner, tocar, saber, querer, and necessitar are the biggies. Though I got all excited when I recognize a conjugation I remember, especially if it's in a context that I can remember learning it. I feel like I'm back in college, staring at the teacher in horror when she decided all the class needed to be conducted in Spanish. Except this time, give me a few minutes, and I might just know what the hell is going on.

But it *is* fun to see improvement. Though I make Cynthia gripey when she translates for me, since when I'm not under pressure to understand, I can just listen and take my time translating to myself. So if they go on at length, I can usually figure out what the problem is in a generalized and sometimes specific sense. Then she tells me to buy some damn tapes already so she can stop having to get up and come over to tell me what's going on.

See, this is sort of funny. For years now, I thought I was pretty much incapable of learning a foreign language, due to my utter horrifying failure at Finnish, despite five months there. And when I say that, I mean, horrifying. I could *read* it at probably the first grade level, I could write it sometimes, but it was all passive. Otherwise, forget it. I couldn't even begin to figure out how to make it work. Individual words I knew--sentence structure, okay, had issues, but could figure it out. But speaking it killed me every time. Just dead in the water. And forget understanding.

But. Apparently, it takes absolute frustration, repetition, desperation, gripeyness, and some creative grammar. Who knew?

I suppose it makes sense. I'm always at my best when pushed, stressed, or on a time limit of some kind. By pushed, I mean, someone standing behind me and kicking very hard until I move. Kind of like a mule, but cuter. I hope. Not that this is a surprise to anyone who has even a passing acquaintance with me in all my not-moving glory.

Hmm. I'm a boring person. But I don't mind. I get to throw chocolate at people in my spare time.

Anyway. Entertainment center is working. DVD and VCR hooked up. So far, satellite filtered through VCR is beyond me. No idea why. Very bitter about this. Okay, not very. But kinda displeased in a very passive way.

I'm still thinking on life changing decision things--when I get the nerve to talk about it, I'll blather on forever and ever and ever. It's not a matter of jinxing it, though you know, now that I think about it, I do have that weird feeling that if I talk even a little, everything will fall apart--I mean, look what happened with that damn job. Which still hurts, though not as much, since TVs soothe the endless pain and all, and DVDs even moreso. I think a new Jaguar would just melt it away completely, but I don't see that in the cards.

To get off the subject. Let's talk about recs.


Indestructible, part 1 and part 2, BY ragingpixie in which no one grow at all, there's h/c, Justin is a total martyr, and Brian has pretty bruises. This is why I love her. This is why I want to marry her when I grow up. Provided it's legal and someone promises to get me a mixer at the wedding. And not a crappy mixer. I mean the big, heavy duty, gourmet-class, stainless steel ones that make you cry they mix so well.

Hmm. TMI.

Next up!

Teacher!Fic by sparkledark and blaurosen

Part 10
Part 11


Method by xoverau, RPS, Gale Harold/OMC, Gale/Randy. Hey, here's a thought. Is there a standard for pairings in RPS on names and order? Yes, you can tell I spent time in Trek--we did it by rank and order of appearance, and we were told when a new show started how it was going to be. Which I found soothing. I like authority.

And this fic is *hot*. Just go checking.

And do we have an RPS for QaF archive yet? I'm unsure about the good manners of reccing a story under friendslock. For the record, it was hot and *good*, and one day, I swear, chica, I'll actually leave a comment and not just goggle from afar.


I'm sure everyone's read these, but for those who missed, really, you *should*. Just for the amusement value.

The 2004 Commandments by dexfarkin, for fanfic writers.

Ten Fanwhore Commandments by acadine, responding.

They both amused the shit out of me on agreement and disagreement, but this made me giggly like a drunk schoolgirl on a hit of e.

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Offness. My sister is getting married in April after living in sin with her fiancee for over two years and having a child. My grandmother is faint with shocked relief. I have to wear a bridesmaid's dress. I'm wondering how thankful I should really be.

And girlinthetrilby! Got the package, and thank you, darling. *hugs* It's wonderful. Child sends his love and appreciation and has left chocolatey fingerprints on my keyboard and almsot spilled. *g*

*edited to add author's name, since I forgot. *g*