December 30th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

because summaries amuse me

Have you ever noticed, when someone is trying to describe a fanfic story they read and want to find again, that it usually sounds absolutely ridiculous? Every time someone says "I'm looking for this fic where blah blah blah happens", I wince, because even if your name is Debchan, Pru, or Te, the story still sounds freaking bizarre when described.

Anytime you try to distill something down to below twenty words, something's gotta give, but I've noticed it gets worse when it just keeps *going*. And you read the summary and think, oh God, that sucks, who would *write* that and then, like, an hour later, someone says "Ah, it's X's story Classic Fic #1" and you pretty much just choke.

Someitmes, you get as far as the hemlock when you realize, Christ, that's *your* story.

So. Test your SV knowledge. See if you recognize these fics. See if you recognize *your* fic.

Disclaimer: We like these stories. We love these stories. We *rec* these stories. We might have even written these stories. We chose them pretty randomly. It scares me I actually have to write this, but there we go.

seperis, rageprufrock, and cjandre collaborated in the atrocity. It was fun.

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