December 10th, 2003

poor me

(no subject)

The Good: New computer! Here! And God, it's pretty.

It is *so* pretty.


The Bad: Completely unsurprisingly, I'm having problems transferring data. If you have Microsoft Outlook*, here is my question before I start just doing a text copy and paste to keep my email.

Move on if you're not interested, which would be, only, everyone. *grins*

For some reason, the program will not let me export, move, or delete some specific email messages. Why is this happening and how can I fix it? I can still read them, look at them, mock them. I cannot move them (though I can copy, but amusingly, the copies won't delete either), or export them into the new computer or delete. This is covering a random period of time per folder, up to now in some folders, and in others, no problem at all.

This is called a desperate cry for help. Ive been working on this since last night. *hopeful*


*corrected program name