December 6th, 2003

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So, after being a mildly psychotic decorating maniac at work today, putting up lights, humming Christmas carols, and generally making sure eveyrone knew I wasn't allergic to any meds so when I took a dive off the desks I was jumping between, the ambulance people would know what kind of painkillers to give me, me and my mother went to....

The Famous Christmas Store.

Okay, Austinites, is *that* what it's called? I've seen it every year since I was knee high to a computer and always wanted to go in. Lights! Trees! Pretty!

This place is like Tree Decorating Crack. They have *everything*.

As most know, I have all the artistic talent of a tree sloth, so I was awfully impressed by the dozen or so trees they had decorated. Balls as big as my head (I'm so not kidding), stiff ribbon, really, *really* bizarre looking Christmas trees that were so gorgeous they made your teeth hurt and also, made me think, man, that thing would *never* survive my son. Ornaments--my God, the ornaments. By color and type and size and glitteriness. Like, where elves shop when they want to decorate for really really special occasions. I wandered around in a daze, thinking, I need to become an assassin so I can afford to decorate like this.

In some universe, I'm sure this is an example of the Christmas Spirit.

It was just amazing. All these *things*--you could theme up your tree, add some bizarre damn things to it, they did that thing where they wound lights around every branch, which must take freaking *hours* but is so gorgeous, multi-size balls, weird gold and silvery glittery wires that just get put up anywhere. I want to do that. I want the artistic eye to be able to create like that, and I know, I *know* that even if I had eveyrthing there, I'd never get anything close to the gorgeousness they created.

If you haven't been? Totally go. It is so worth it. I may go back and buy a few things--at those prices, I can only *afford* a few things--and start collecting for the day that with any kind of luck, my genetic predispostion to be clueless at anything visually artistic will not be inherited by my son and he will decorate for me.


By that, my mood has taken a record two-day upward swing, which is freaking bizarre, but gift horse, mouth, you get the idea. Happiness is this. It's the Christmas spirit which pleases me, and also, purchasing more presents and feeling good about the world in general.

I need to find a Santa Claus icon. Hmm. Current icon is of the Christmas bears girlinthetrilby got me last year. Happy bears. Happy, happy Christmas bears. *glows*

*going to look for Santa icons*