December 2nd, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

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Note to altricial - this song also works to express unending rage. All the way home today.

Anyway. *g*

Have put my fantasy list together of everything I shall buy next month, and also, I'm adding a computer, because mine is getting worse. It needs a formatting, but that miraculous lack of a working CD burner is kind of ruining that idea, and I have everything I've ever doen in fandom on this one.

It'll be like the passing of an era. Huh. That's depressing.

Seeing that it is Christmas, I indulged my sudden, completely understandable need to shop off my feelings and bought Child an excessive number of board games for Christmas. Actually, only three, because I was wearing a skirt and the ladder didn't reach up high enough, and customers noticed me dragging the Wal-Mart ladder behind me wherever I went. And it's surprisingly difficult to climb on the handle when your skirt just reaches below your knees. It's not that I worried about flashing people or anything--I had a run in my hose on the upper thigh and I wasn't wearing my best underwear. I have odd shame issues.

If Wal-Mart didn't want me to use the ladder, they shouldn't have left it unattended with the bicycles. So there.

Yeeeah. I also bought hair color and redyed my hair. Brown is apparently not something I should return to, so Very Damn Red it is. It's sparkly. Well, no, but it is very red. I ended up scaring myself by sitting in front of the mirror with scissors, thinking that a chin length bob was the way to go. Keep in mind I have *curly* hair. You can see the nightmare in progress. Beth is one of few who have seen my hair in action, so I can actually *see* her wincing from here. Also, for those of you who have tried this, it's never a good idea to cut your own hair, and I say this having done it more times than I can count.

I deal in really bizarre ways, I know this. When I break up with someone, I dye and cut my hair. When I'm stressed, I abuse allergy meds and cut and dye my hair and start writing excessively.

But enough about me.


The Cause by juteux. It's--amazing. Justin-y on a mission. A scary, scary mission. I suggest reading immediately for your own health.

Now, change fandoms.

This is actually notes to update my recs page.

This one was one I read off of glass_onion mailing list a long damn time ago--when the list was still active and all.

Blood Speaks by northlight. It's still among my favorite HP stories ever written, and I still re-read it just for the powerful mood the author manages. Not to mention it's just damn good fic all around.

I need more coffee. Hmm. Coffee.

Also, L & O is crack. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. If that show starts while I'm in teh room, I'm doomed and know it. I have yet to physically make myself get up and leave while it is in progress even if I've seen it before. Grrr.

Now. Coffee.