November 30th, 2003


need more entertainment.....

Play wiht me on AIM? Please?


I am *such* a kid these last few days. Consider this making up for all the time I spent sulking this week. Stupid job. There are DVDs in future!
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children of dune - leto 1

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Video Rec

Brian Kinney VS Ethan Gold Showdown (Whereby Brian Wins) by altricial. First, the song? Absolutely perfect. Beautifully done, straight through. Also bitter and sad and angry and every other emotion under the sun. Go download from there. And check out the lyrics while you're at it. You won't regret.

Fic Recs

Shadows 2 by gradiva. The exception to the rule about sequels never being quite as good, because she somehow manages to be even *better* here. Lovely Justin. And hurts like hell. But in a good way. Not a plastic bag in the bathroom way.

QaF fic in progress by out_there. Post season two, kinda in season three, and it's *good*, so go read and hope for her to write more. This is your chance, Austria! Evangelizing among the unwashed masses! Not that out_there is unwashed or anything, it's just an expression. So actually, it doesn't apply at all. But it's a good beginning for a fic so GO READ NOW.

Um. I guess you can tell I took my allergy meds the second I got up congested, huh? Sheesh. Stupid allergies.

One more. Because there are, again, exceptions to every rule, and who said I have to be consistent?

I do not like Ethan in canon. I make no bones about that. He interfered with my OTP and I'm a fangirl and an OTPer and very possibly completely unreasonable, therefore, by definition, I am prejudiced against him and all he stands for, including violins. So there. I hated Lana, I really disliked Jean Grey, and I'm *okay* with that. I feel free, even, admitting it publicly. If you are a character that gets in the way, I will hate you. Mikey just needs to watch his step this next season. I'm just saying.


soundczech is never wrong. And janieg is that good. No, she really *is*.

Three parts. Second part doesn't quite fit in continuity, but that's okay, it's lovely.

Part I, Part II, and Part III, Hostel/Hostile, and I reserve the right to like *this* Ethan. A lot.

Jenn on a Mission

What I meant to do this weekend was finish up Stumble and Fall so I can go back and work on How It's Gonna Be with a comfortable sense of accomplishment. You can all laugh politely now, because obviously that didn't happen. But we did decorate for Christmas last night and I wrote--I don't *believe* I did this--a story from Brian's POV that didn't involve Mikey (thank you God), so it evens out. I broke a block and thought, wow, I could make this more hopeless, but *how*? I could kill them. That's about the long and short of it. I haven't felt this vaguely freaked out since I left Illusions when I realized that someone was going to die really messily no matter what I did.

Authorial power my ass. Sometimes you write yourself into a corner and there really is no way out.

Let's not think about that. Illusions is the only one of my permanent WiPs I feel guilty about. Really, really guilty about.

Anyway, that shall change. I'm going to sit here and finish two more sections and make *something* happen. I'm On a Mission.

My thanks to all the wonderful people who tagged me on AIM, and finally got to chat with out_there after all this time, which was VERY cool. I'm pretty sure I am boring. Insomnia makes me boring. Or maybe it's just a generalized state and I trick people otherwise. I can work with that.

Places to Go

josselin is adorable in her fangirlness here. I do remember when Myrna started commenting in her LJ. I worried she'd have a heart attack.

Also, lit_chick tries her hand at finishing up GroceryFic here and here. Because she is cool like that. And possibly, possibly because I nagged her on AIM. I am mean and ruthless like that.

Yeah, this post is just link-o-rama. Must prepare myself for issaro sending me a bunny for SV fic. Should I brush off my Clark-ambivalence or not? Questions, questions.

Edited to Add:

Completely missed this in her LJ, though she wrote some in my comments. I was hoping she'd put this up in her LJ.

Another ending to groceryfic by the lovely bea_nonymous.

Just. Hee.

That chick is soooo lucky she escaped with her fingers. *still giggling*
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