November 21st, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

you *did* volunteer

Okay, if you are still interested, here is what I need tested. All graphics are by misskatherine who rocks. I'm trying out my understanding of div ids for the index2 page, so multiple resolutions and mulitple browser opinions are solicited. This was done in IE 6, eight by six, true color. I need to see if it works across the board or comes out really funky.

What I'm trying to figure out is how to do the magical span commands that worked kick ass in text and not so much in an imagemap. To see an example of this, go here.

You should have text appear at the bottom whenever you run over a link using span and css commands. So far, I've been unsuccessful in making this work in the imagemap, so am looking at javascript for now.

*smiles sunnily* Have at it. If it doesn't work, on either score, tell me what it does look like, browser, and resolution. Links won't work at portico--it was my experiment.

And thank you in advance for taking the time to help! I appreciate it! *hugs to fandom*
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