November 18th, 2003

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I'm really getting extremely tired of being this grumpy. It's *boring*. And also, no one, and I repeat, no one should be up until five in the morning, unable to stop *thinking* about The Ring, when it's been months and I worked out that trauma a damned long time ago.

Seriously, does this happen to everyone? Where you are stuck in a single thought that bores you, scares you, will not leave you alone, and makes you stare at the TV in your room, watching for it to come on, and okay, nothing is more annoying than being bored AND vaguely freaked out. I'm blaming whoever on my friendslist was talking about it recently and had a screencap that would not get out of my mind. *sighs*


For those who are interested in this sort of thing, updated my recs page: QaF, Smallville slash, and other. I need to read through my LJ more often and put this stuff up in a timely manner.

Brian Kinney and the History of Architecture by gradiva. Art, sex, and themeatic smut. Hot, definitely, but some beautiful character moments throughout, and I love how she writes them both. Very, very good.

Someone remind mintwitch that withdrawal from the Word of the Day series could lead to horrors untold. I *need* more. More more more.
children of dune - leto 1

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At that joyous part of sleep deprivation where my body says, I am tired, and my mind says, no, really, you're not.

Stupid mind.

The Spam Updates

This entire penis-patch thing just makes me nervous. I'm getting forty a day on it right now. I don't even know what it *is*, but those two words together just don't belong.


I...think she's trying to make me feel better.
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