November 15th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

awake, wallowing in misery, and reccing

Like peanut butter and jelly. But not in teh same jar.

In and Under by ranalore - yes, we dragged her in kicking and screaming. AND writing. That, m'dears, is *pretty* fic. *almost pathetically happy*

QaF is already crazy about it, but really, this is julad, so everyone, everyone *should* be reading it, dammit.

The Importance of Being Brian by julad - words can't describe how much I worship this story. Justin tries to be Brian for Brian's own good. Brian's being weird. And everyone has some seriously fantastic sex.

Back to wallowing.
children of dune - leto 1

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Being angry doesn't do much for me, but hell if it doesn't improve my knowledge base.

Page rec for you.

CSS/Edge, which is just so pretty it hurts. Not that it works in every browser, though I've been testing to see which ones I can pull off in IE. I'm partial to the spirals, though I don't think it shows up as completely as it should in my browser. I still like the effect.

Some people throw temper tantrums, and I do that too. Then I watch porn and try to memorize more css commands. I am officially the most useless person in creation, barring none.

devinmoonshine posted our in-progress Arkham collaboration a few days ago, in honor of extremely interesting spoilers. Which is of the good, as far as I'm concerned, since we've both muddled around with it quite a bit.


Arkham 1 by jenn, Arkham 2 by jenn, Arkham 3 by Devin, and Arkham 4 by Devin, in which it's AU and futurefic and I never, ever really get tired of writing futurefic. I just don't.

To everyone who encouraged, thanks. I swear, I'm glittery with the liking and all. I've just been fuming quietly for too long to be publicly polite and squee that *anyone* likes it.

This and That

Third season of QaF DVDs will be released in Februrary. I think I started active drooling there.

A belated quick welcome to any new LJ friends I have. *waves* And to those new to LJ who are braving the wilds of LJland for the first time. First stop--icons. They're like shoes, almost better, except I really *like* heels. Icons are *fun*. And also, this weekend, I'm going on an expedition to find more. I keep looking at the empty spaces, thinking, these *must* be filled. Something with nudity, I think. Hmm.

And welcome to reboot_wlm, who is finally getting around to using the LJ! *hugs*

Anyone bored enough to critique a webpagey thing I'm doing? I kind of need multiple browsers to make sure it works across teh board. Interested, feel free to drop a note.
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