November 11th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

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I'm amusing myself in possibly non-fannishly ethical ways. Mocking and laughing in your head doesn't count as being mean, right?

And maybe a teensie post here and there. Maybe. Apparently, I should be on the boards, because hmm. Missing a lot of context in recent discussions, I think.


Opened Eyes by mlheathen. *pokes* A little odd on the formatting, but *interesting* as hell. Season four speculative spoilers, so if that terrifies you (it does me, but I figured I could trust here), don't go. Otherwise, you *should* be here. Really.

Day Off!

What *shall* I do with my time? I like the loafing thing. It works for me. I *want* to be asleep, but Child had to get to school. Stupid wakie-ness.

For those I've seen lurking around LJ--if you need a code, feel free to ask. I think I have some left, so drop a note and I'll hand over. They just sit there, acquiring dust bunnies and looking depressed. Not good.
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children of dune - leto 1

balkinazation in qaf

The thing is, I've managed to be frustrated at three differnet topics in two differnet forums, and it's all mixed up in my head now.

Te did this blog entry--God, two years ago?--on the Balkinization of fandom, and please God, let me have spelled that correctly. If she were a nice Te, she'd move it to her LJ, because I seriously got a kick out of the logic.

Oh. Fannish whimpering. Yeah. Cutting now. The lack of organization and rambling is deliberate. No, really. *Really*.

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