November 7th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

qaffic: slowly turning (WAS boring boring boring person here)

I'm getting lackadistical in my journaling. Mostly because, scarily enough, I have nothing interesting to say.

I have *boring* things to say. Like--icons! Whoo! And God, that's a lot of spaces, how are you people *filling* them?

Oh right. Like this.

misskatherine made me a *gorgeous* one after I begged prettily. Because I am shameless.

It moves and stuff! *bouncy*

That could actually be the sum total of my news right now.



Because this is unique.

Busy Week on the Fridge by julad, written for the Grocery Store challenge. Just seriously *cool*. And fun to read.


Another in the QaF snippet collection. For the beautiful, wonderful, amazing gem225. She deserves stories in her fandoms of choice. Until I can write them for her, I give her this.

Thanks to jaymalea for the pre-read.

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