November 3rd, 2003

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Things Heard

I love my Austrian copatriots. I do. I am oh so patriotic and spirited and blah-de-blah. But right now? They scare me.

*loves them all*

This, however, does not preclude the feeling that if josselin does not finish scalping Justin really damn soon, I could very well go into decline and die. Just die. Right in the middle of my keyboard. It would be tragic.

Places to Go

Because a.) I'm behind, and b.) I spent my weekend writing Justin trying to avoid getting laid. Don't ask. Really.

The Queer As Folk Grocery Store Challenge. Many authors, many stories, none attributed. Big guessing game of joy and all.

Things I Want to Run Away From aka The Wip Collection

To lower the level of trauma involved, only things I actually think there's a chance in hell I'll finish.

How It's Gonna Be (QaF) -- in which I honestly think I must have been on some low-quality narcotics when I thought this was a *good* idea. Seriously.

This, Too (SV) -- this is actually done! rageprufrock has it. And is Doing Things to it. I'm not sure what that involves, but see? Totally not my responsiblity. Whoo!

Soundless (QaF) -- Pyjamafic for jaymalea Right now, I'm averaging one line every week. Expect it to be done sometime in 2008.

Foray (QaF) -- Daphne/f with velena It's her turn, dammit.

Look and See (QaF) -- Brian/Justin, Brian/Michael, etc. In pieces on my hard drive.

The Rain Gods (SV) -- It's there and it's doing nothing much, but it has the potential to eventually move. I'm still sulking because the crash that took my CD and DVD drivers also took the original first three pages and my memory is for shit.

And some others I've tinkered with, including, surprisingly, The Yard.


Because I am an utter coward and also, because the idea of being disciplined amuses me, I decided to be misskatherine's official NaNoWriMo cheerleader, in lieu of doing anything productive myself. Oddly, she thought this meant giving useful advice.

*sighs* At least she didn't ask me to get out my uniform.

Child Quote

On getting marked down for talking in class:

"My head told me to stop, but my heart told me to keep talking. And my heart's much more important."

This is what I get for letting him watch afterschool specials. That's *it*. Only educationally deficient cartoons from here on out.

I'm going to go sulk about something for a while. I don't know *what* yet, but I'll find something.

God, I'm bored. I'm *looking* for things to peeve me. Any suggestions?