October 29th, 2003

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We're being *observed* in work a lot. There is *nothing* like two women staring over your shoulder while you try to help clients and get in your way frequently.

On the other hand, tomorrow we're being appreciated. I hvae no idea what that means, but we're going to go to another building adn be given cookies and punch.

Mmm. Cookies.

If appreciation was always expressed in cookies, I'd be a truly amazing human being. *grins*

Gakked from--God, everyone, but most recently harriet_spy.

"What kind of work is my name -- jenn -- associated with? What kind of assumptions do you make about a piece of writing, fiction or non, if you see my name on it?

Nota bene: This is emphatically NOT an attempt to fish for compliments. I'm not trying to get judgements on the quality of my work, but rather about its other characteristics.

For example, if you were given the name of an actor, that might make you think of a certain genre of film he or she is often in or a type of character.

What is jenn-brand writing?"
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