October 19th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

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I'd like to thank my ISP for kicking me off last night and refusing to reconnect, my tooth for keeping me up until five, and the meds for the fact I itch so much I want to crawl out of my skin.

But eleveninches makes up for it.

"But if we did get married," Justin continued, in that voice that told Brian he had been thinking long and hard about this, "you could plan the entire thing. Every last detail, from the clothes to the food. It would be like... Brian Kinney Day."


"By the way," Brian begun as they were pulling up to the reception hall, "I wrote your vows. They're in my pocket. Stray so much as a word and I'm leaving you."

Now, you HAVE to read this story, because honest to God, never believed it until now.

Read it now now now now now now now now.

Did I mention the *now* part?
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happy snail

never underestimate....

...the power of suggestion.

Justins, plural by out_there

For someone who doesnt' care for QaF and doesn't do boybands--she's totally in the zone of goodficness. Two Justins, one night, and a club. And wow, it's *so good*. Wonderful Justin voice (QaF I mean), and mmm. Yummy. Big smiles. Big, big smiles.

Yes, you should be reading. Seriously, how often do we *get* two exceptional QaFs in a day, hmm?

*humming happily* Read it. Now.
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