October 18th, 2003


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Yep, you *know* you're still climbing the Mountains of Fannish Obsession when you note that your playlist is getting an awful lot of QaF music. Oh, no, not something as innocuous as the *soundtrack*.

Nooo, you're playlist is the songs from QaF *VIDS*. And vids in general that you've loved. And the sad thing is, I vid in my head sometimes. Not that I'm any good at it--me and the visual medium don't get along at all.

Note to silviakundera: Where did you get that version of Keep Me? I have a more--energetic version, but I like your quieter one better.

Current Playlist:

66, Battleflag, Black Balloon, Goodbye to You (associate with Buffy goodness), Good Enough, Proud, Kiss the Rain, Keep Me, Silver Blue, Summer Rain, Boys of Summer, Things Will Never Be the Same, The Space Between, (Love Me) When I'm Gone.

Most of these I've written to.

Music, the right kind, unlocks something, like this filter between my head and my fingers goes offline briefly. I don't think I write *better* because of it, but I do write a lot *faster*. The right words take a shorter period of time to find. *grins* Think search engine on nitrus.

So far, Keep Me, if I can find the Silvia Kundera version, could walk me through the rest of the weird, weird, *weird* Michel/Brian/Justin thing going on in my LJ. Because dissecting actually works sometimes.

The WiP Collection

How's It Gonna Be (QaF) - I just revel in this. I can honestly say I've never just had this much *fun* making a character so miserable. It could easily be subtitled Justin's Very Bad, No Good, Terribly Painful, Icky, Angsty Week (with comics). Because he's fun. He's *so* much fun and I love him *so* much. I do. I love him *so so so* much.

Look and See (QaF) - this wouldn't have happened if dammitcarl hadn't given me her opinion on Justin's character. It's way different from mine, but I liked hers, too. Then again, I have weakness for smart, manipulative, ruthless brats when they do it with such style. *happy sigh* Long live Ruthless!Justin.

Foray (QaF) -- cowrite with velena who enables and also, makes me drool. Whoa *doggies*. Daphne Love! We need more Daphne Love! We need *icons* too. Someone, in the name of God, tell me where there are screencaps, please.

This, Too (SV) -- cowrite with rageprufrock, and we're *scared* of this story, okay? Scared. And it's long. And it scares us. A lot.

The rest I'm pretending don't exist. Because I am God of the WiP folder and when I close my eyes, I can't see it. So there.

Fannish Meanderings

For anyone vaguely interested, Reboot is reviewing How It's Gonna Be here and here. It's interesting reading--it's rare I get to see where other people are going in a fic I'm writing, and apparently, I *am* doing it more right than I thought. Which is Of the Good.

Smart People

destina talks critique here. Lots of comments on the subject everywhere. An older entry, August-y, but imminently re-readable. And now would be a *good* time to do so.


Something to Rememeber by josselin, Jesus Christ, she made me NOT want B/J. Like, ever, in this universe. Justin deserved better, and hell, so did Brian. *sniffles* Read it. It hurts *so* much.]

Fairy Tales and Other Acts of Subversion

One of my favorite reads of all time is an anthology called Black Thorn, White Rose, retellings of fairy tales in a myriad of quite twisty ways. Hindsight lets me note that, yes, this is fanfic, just fanfic of really, really old stories, so really, I'm so seeing a pattern in what attracts me.

The ones I seem to like best are the ones that kept the--hmm. I don't want to say spirit, because no one sane reads "Sweet Bruising Skin" and thinks, huh, that is *so* like The Princess and the Pea. But recognizable without being just boring.

The creepiness factor works for me, though.

Though I would be ecstatic if someone, and someone out there *has* to have read this book, could tell me what the *fuck* is up in "The Frog Prince or Iron Henry"?

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