October 7th, 2003

happy snail

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After, oh, God knows how long, did a massive update of the links and recs pages. QaF intensive, one other, one SV, and then my hands got tired of coding. Also updated links. I feel almost--productive.

And that still leaves ten billion more to go. I so do *not* look forward to backtracking through my LJ to find them all. Plus, need to recode some of the recs pages so they match. Which I am also not looking forward to doing.

As you can possibly tell, I'm avoiding something.

Navel Gazing By Others

Jane St. Clair mulls fannishness and questions readers. Highly recommended to read.

Jenn Whines, Kind Of

I'm *so* freaking tired it's unreal. I spent most of last night gravitating between the bed and the floor for no discernible reason. I just couldn't get to *sleep*. However, oddly, the day was really good despite this. Hmm.


Green Curry by soundczech - she calls it sappy. I call it gorgeous. Beautiful split point of view, Justin and Brian, and sweet in just the right way. Mmmm.

mintwitch is doing that thing with Word of the Day still. To make it easier on my fingers, go to Memories and read, read, read all five bits. Just love it. Very much.

Off to bother someone on AIM.
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