October 1st, 2003


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Okay, let's go about this categorically.


mintwitch -- I think--*think*--I may be in love with her. At some time when I'm not doing my version of a hyper nervous pre-vacation breakdown, I'll explain why. But I think Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C of Brian and Justiness should help out with the comprehension.

josselin wrote Queer Survivor (links to all parts). Okay, I have'nt actually read this, because my life is a strange freakness right now, but I only rec blind for five people on the net and joss is one of them. I skimmed and died laughing and that should tell you something. So go. Now. I'm NOT kidding.


Beth and I decided that we would go on vacation together about a week after I got this job. You'd think that would give us plenty fo time to get ready.

Well of course, Beth is.


Well. I have five loads of laundry to do, because i overpack like someoen planning to move across the world and never come back. I have one in the washer. The other four are on the floor, waiting.

One thing is ready. The cooler. Because Beth, on the phone, walked me through teh steps of going ot get it and placing it by the door so I remember.

Seriously, people, if she doens't kill me in my sleep in South Padre, it's going to be a miracle.

And God, am I glad she organized this thing for us. I swear, left up to me...no, really, you *don't* want to know.

Anyway, she's bring SV, I'm bring QaF, and there's a tropical storm or a hurricane going on down there and man, I'm so *hyper* it's unreal. We've known each other for years, but--I have this horrible feeling she's going to *hate* me when we meet. *grins* On the other hand, I've known Vannezsa almost as long as my son's been alive and so far, she's only been very tempted to strangle me, so I can hope.


Here's the thing.

Anyone in the Austin area Sunday night like to meet up for dinner or something? Anyone? Yes, this is just occurring to me, and anyway, email me or leave an LJ or something if you're interested. We'll be downtown, because we're spending Sunday night and Monday in Austin before Beth wanders back north. So. There we go. Feel free. I'd love to meet others in the area when I'm NOT doing ten hours extra a week in overitme. I'l be so *rested*.

But to warn you, i'm pretty much just as neurotic in person. *sighs*

Okay, off to check laundry. And panic. A lot.
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