September 28th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1


I'm on AIM and can't sleep. Someone play with me? Perhaps bearing QaF fic? Or not. *g*


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happy snail

insta!rec - Frosted Flakes by Beth

...and I'd like to take this opportunity to point out to everyone--when you want something done? Nag until they write it or unfriend you. This works.


Frosted Flakes by Beth, QaF.

I love her and will make her *all* the margaritas she wants. *nods vigorously*

Also, honey, you DO know that now, I'll NEVER stop whining, right?
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snail power

qaffic: how it's gonna be, 11 (WAS lalala sunday mornings)

Yesterday ended up being--very weird. On a variety of levels.

Went to work, wrote out appointment letters, found out two of my coworkers watch QaF. Discussion ensued. Kind of shocky. Scared all the guys into hiding. Quite funny.

Gathering of some of the LJ QaF contingent on AIM last night, which was incredibly fun.

AU snippet by josselin and a continuation by soundczech The premise? What would have happened if Brian had walked in on Emmett and Justin.

I always keep my promises. Snail power!

I really should have thought through this snail as mascot thing more carefully.

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