September 19th, 2003

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QaF canon-Deb's-house question

I've watched everything that I can find on my tapes and I could have missed something, but okay, here's the question.

Where is Michael's room in the house in relation to the front yard? I mean, is that his window over the porchy-thing? I assume so, but no one's done a guided walk-through of the house either as far as I can tell.

And anyone who ever needs to know if the insomnia warning on the prednisone is serious? Hell yes it is. I'm not minding this as much as usual.

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children of dune - leto 1

koi is a beacon, a lighthouse if you will...

And there's this entire poem that goes along with this lighthouse/Alexandrian/beacon/candle theme, but I slept through the entire poetry section of lit class. I deal with this in my own strange ways.

But. Read koimistress's thoughts on the friending thing and etiquette and--we have etiquette? I mean, besides the Unwritten Rules that really should be written, like Thou Shall Not Post Friendslocked Posts in Public and--okay, that's the only one I can think of, but I'm sure there are others.

And did I spell etiquette right? It looks wrong with a double t at the beginning.

Actually, I had an icky flashback to when we had that meme about "why did you friend me" which totally freaked me out on several levels, since I realized *I have no idea*, besides saying, hey, something you said was super cool or we share a fandom and you're actually one of those rare animals, a GOOD writer, or man, your meta rocks. I mean, those are currently my Three Reasons. I mean, personal friendships aside, that's the obvious one, but so far, all of my friends also happen to fall into those categories too. Clever devils.

But. I'm going to save myself some serious stress now for when the next time this meme comes around and list off why I friended say--the last ten people I friended. If I can remember. In no order, I'm going by memory here.


Okay, starting now.

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