September 8th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

qafwip: how it's gonna be, 4

Withdrawal set in when my ISP went down for HOURS. I cannot even begin to describe the blank, unending void of my existence when life as I knew it was snuffed out....

Say it with me.

You really need to get out more, chica.

I will! You know, when I have my Saturdays free again. Apparently, and this is just speculation, bosses sort of frown upon their employees coming in Saturday morning in less than relatively good condition. Strange, strange people.


For amusement value, those four or five who are reading this little, idiotic, won't-fucking-get-to-the-point story that refuses to do anything....

I. Hate. This. Story. The sheer amount of melodrama I'm contemplating scares me badly. But in a fiendishly evil way, not a run for cover way, because well, I just looked at the line up for fall, and there are three, count 'em, three shows I want to watch. That's just sad.

But anyway.

For those interested, because I always forget to memory these things, all earlier parts can be found here.

It moves like a snail. The runt snail. The snail so slow the other snails mock him. All the time.

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