September 4th, 2003

children of dune - leto 1

what the...

I had a completely differnet thing going on here, but then I just saw the update journal page and okay, what the *hell*?

Does NOTHING remain the same? Is nothing sacred? At ALL?

I keep running my mouse over the top bar. Okay, so I kind of like the way the links do that and am currently saving the code to look it over--but...

*blinks* I don't like change.

You know, unless I control it, control-freak that I am.

Work was a lot like it was yesterday. Except less funny. Okay, possibly more, but I'm bored with sharing boring stories of work. I want to meta, but unfortunately, nothing's coming to mind. At least, nothing worth the effort of expending energy writing it. My fingers are currently trying to pry out Brian-ness, which is nothing like pulling teeth, since been there, done that. I can't think of a valid comparison. Just very, very hard.

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i dont have any excuse for this one. It's schmevil's fault, seriously here.

Here's how we started.

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