August 29th, 2003


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Yes, this was written OVER A MONTH AGO. Yes, I just stumbled across it. Yes, everyone and their puppy has read it but me.

Read it again.

Fandom: X-Men II (movieverse)

Snippet by innerpoise

The screaming outside is getting louder. These communicators were designed by Scott and Logan personally. There's no reason for it to take this long. They spent a week using them as walkie-talkies around the mansion, getting familiar with them. 'Scissorhands, there is cake from the grocery store. Do you copy?' 'Copy that, Anal Retentive. Hide cake from Kit-Kat. Go, go!'

I wait to hear Scott's commanding voice. A noise. Interference. Anything.

The line is dead.

I'd *pay* to read more on this one. Tell me there is more that I missed. Please.

*whistles to self while slutting through fandoms at random*
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Oh-kay then.

I was contemplating my navel--you know, the Mysterious Process by which perfectly normal words are joined together into sentences, one day growing up to become full fledged stories, novellas, novels, and other literature-ish things, but then there was pizza and I forgot it all to wallow in cheese, hamburger, and pepperoni and mushroom and sausage. The sheer grease factor should terrify me, but I have decided that I will contemplate what I'm doing to my arteries when we can clone them properly and buy them at Wal-Mart on the way home when we realize we've messed up our own.

No one can say I'm not an optimist.

In other news--there is no other news. Work was *slow*. In that way that ended up with me giddy and lightheaded because I had nothing to do, so carried on inappropriation flirtation with one (1) coworker and one (1) client.

*sighs* Thank God most people know not to take me seriously.

Allergies continue to drive me insane. My nose hurts and is red and highly unattractive. My hair refuses to stay straight for any appreciable length of time. I own three pairs of glasses that I paid too much for and I discovered the downside of prescription sunglasses.

You really, really *can't* take them off when you go inside.

Well, I can't. Insta-headache when my eyes adjust from seeing through them and then back to less-than-clearsville. People give me weird looks while buying pizza wearing sunglasses. Frankly, five minutes wearing sunglasses inside and getting looks is totally worth it, as taking them off and spending the next few minutes massaging the bridge of my (painful) nose is totally *not*.

Anyway, that was my adventure.

Then I started thinking of how I wanted to be remembered after I die.

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I'm still very bored. I'm going to go watch QaF until something gives. Possibly this story idea that won't. Go. Away. Even though it's not even an idea, just a glimmer. A glimmer of glimmer. Or something.